The simplest and cheapest option to have unlimited emails on your domains. Period.

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You want emails for your domain(s).

We offer a simple and affordable email service that includes:

Desktop Applications

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mobile Applications

Compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Third-Party Email Client Support

Including Outlook, Apple Mail, and more.

Configuration is simple, security is more robust than our competitors, and all for less than the price of Google and Microsoft Exchange. Compare Pricing

Try Tiliq risk free. No credit card required.

Why Tiliq?

SIMPLE Forget the complexity of setting up your own email servers. We've created the simplest system available anywhere to have emails working on your domains, today!

AFFORDABLE Forget those high monthly "per user" prices of other providers. Pay only $0.10 cents per GB with complete flexibility. You're in control with Tiliq's low prices. Compare pricing

UNLIMITED Forget restrictions and limitations. You can have emails with unlimited storage and unlimited email aliases, all for less than any other provider today. Compare pricing

Try Tiliq risk free. No credit card required.

Why You'll Want to Use Tiliq

Native desktop applications. Available for Mac, Windows, or Linux. Whether online or offline, our beautifully designed applications will allow you to work faster so you can do more with your time.

Mobile applications. Want a secure way to access your business email on the go? Download our apps for iPhone or Android and stay in touch anywhere you go.

Shared mailboxes. Great for busy executives, leaders, managers, teams, and even for customer service. You set permissions and everyone you want can access the shared inboxes for increased productivity.

HTML5 and CSS3 friendly. Embedded audio, video, and form support. View emails as they were meant to be seen by the sender and access the information you need more quickly.

Dropbox and Google Drive integrations. Send large files without having to upload them to third-party websites. Attach files to outgoing emails and save files received faster with these handy integrations.

Unlimited email aliases. Create email addresses alises for your emails and have them redirect to any other email of your choice. Welcome to a more connected inbox.

Quick actions & highlights. View critical information without even opening the email. Take actions related to the content in emails; great for confirming events, checking into flights and hotels, and other time saving tasks.

One-click setup to support applications. Redirecting email to popular customer support applications like Desk, UserVoice, Olark, ZenDesk, Jira, FreshDesk, and many others is now simpler than ever!

Top level security. If you're using outdated SSL encryption strategies, your emails could be at risk. We use modern TLS encryption to better encrypt your data and keep it secure.

Automatic backups. Most self-hosted email services store messages in one location, while popular services typically store in two locations. We save your precious data in three different data centers. We have your back! Back-up, that is.

Flexible pricing. Starting at $0.10/GB, you can set the price you want to pay with us. Stop wasting money paying those ridiculous per-user/per-month rates with limited storage. Tiliq has no annual commitments, just pay as you go.

Easy to configure and manage. We do all the work and maintenance so you can focus on your business. We know that, traditionally, setting up business email has been time consuming. We just made it simple!

Try Tiliq risk free. No credit card required.

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    • Tiliq proudly makes 100% of its software in the United States of America.
    • We're a passionate team with a vision for creating a simpler, better, affordable business email service.
    • Our company is led by our two co-founders: Kevin J. Martin and Frank J. Codina.

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